We have Kittens, see photos watch the kittens grow.

Miss Faline  expecting kittens in mid January!

Welcome to BadgerRags

We are a small cattery and Ragdoll breeder registered with TICA and CFA. We are located just north of the Dallas & Fort Worth area in Sanger, Texas.

I have shown horses for over 40 years. Bred horses for over 40 years. Searching for color and conformation, first in Appaloosas, then to Paint Horses and from there branched out to the Palomino Horse with the gold coat color. We have won the World Shows with our horses. I want to show and breed the Ragdoll cat. you must breed the cats for eye color, great coats and good conformation by choosing the correct parents….

The basics are the same because you must teach the animal to cooperate with the Judge. Horses must stand and trot for a Judge and interact with you as the handler. Ragdoll cats must be taught to be touched by strangers (Judges) and to be handled by the Judge to determine if they are the correct physical specimen, the correct color and attitude for the exhibition…It is very exciting to start a new venture and hopefully have chosen two good female kittens to show and do well and to raise future kittens of great quality.

Mable Roberts of Willow Tree Rags gave me the confidence to choose these kittens for my future endeavors. She has been a great help to me to get started. Stormi Nell hopefully will become my Mentor here in the West. She has offered wonderful support for the showing aspect of our cat ventures.

My most important purpose is to teach other new cat fanciers – anything that I feel beneficial to them in their cat exposure ie; feeds, vaccinations, grooming, poisonous plants and general upkeep of their animal. It is so exciting to learn to groom and show these animals that we have experienced only as house pets in the past. I was raised with cats in our home all my life and have always had cats but not Ragdoll cats. Ragdoll cats and showing Ragdoll cats will be a totally new experience. I look forward to hearing from you all about your cat adventures…thank you.