Breeder & Show Sales Contract


BadgerRags Breeder & Show Sales Contract
Vana Bailes
Sanger, Texas 76266

Date of Sale:________________

Buyer: _____________________________________

Description of Kitten

Date of Birth:_____________________ Sire:____________________Dam:_________________

This cat/kitten is purchased for __ Breeder (or) __ Show/Breeder for the amount of $__________
Any mismarks noted here:_________________________________________________.

Buyer is given a complete medical history of the kitten at time of purchase.

Conditions of the Sale

Buyer is aware that these kittens from Badgerrags Cattery are raised in our home and unafraid here, they will be scared and act such in new surroundings.  Buyer is advised to keep the kitten (s) confined to a small room or a large cage for maybe a week.  Give the kitten a few days to get used to your home, petting it and talking to it until the baby settles down and becomes the sweet kitten you visited.  Buyer is advised to find the forever location for the litter box, don’t move it around, make gradual changes.

Badgerrags uses World’s Best Litter Multi Cat because I had one cat with dust problems, she coughed all the time.  If you change litters do it gradually….add a little at a time.

Badgerrags uses Revolution on the kittens and their Mamas.  I would not use other toxic products that you may find at a grocery store.  Your veterinarian will help with the future worming of your baby if needed, your kitten has had 2 wormings.  Don’t give more than one vaccine at a time.  DO NOT USE KETAMINE as an anesthetic on your Ragdoll.  Ask the vet before any procedure.

Badgerrags uses Royal Canin dry food and canned food as well as Blue Wilderness dry food and canned food.  I try for “grain free” but not always possible.    Don’t buy grocery store cat food for your Ragdoll, buy good quality food.

Buyer is aware that kittens will be placed in your home after 12 weeks of age.  The kitten will have 2 sets of vaccines,  4-way FVRCP-Ch.  The 3rd Distemper at 16 weeks will be given by your vet. 

Buyer agrees and is aware this is a live animal they are purchasing, there is no guarantee that this kitten may not scratch or bite the buyer or a child.  It is impossible to predict the behavior of an animal if it felt threatened or afraid.  Seller cannot guarantee all behavior of the kitten, we socialize them to the best of our ability.

Seller agrees that this kitten is healthy to the best of her knowledge, and is free from internal and external parasites. And comes from a home free of FeLV and FIV.
Seller agrees that she is the owner and has good and lawful authority to sell the above described kitten/cat.

Seller has advised buyer to have the kitten/cat to be examined by the buyer’s own veterinarian within 72 hours to confirm its good health.  If any health concerns are found the buyer may return the kitten to the seller within 72 hours with an explanation from the attending vet. No medical or travel charges will be refunded.

Under no circumstances will this cat or kitten be sold, leased or given away to any pet store, research laboratory, breeding mill or similar facility.

This cat or kitten will be kept indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outdoors.

This cat or kitten is sold with showing and/or breeding rights. (Circle all that apply)

This cat will be registered in ___TICA, ___CFA, ___ACFA, ___CFF, ___FIFE.

If this cat is sold with showing rights, it may be may be shown as long as it’s in good health and condition, and presented well groomed, and presents a temperament in agreement with the showhall. If no breeding rights are given, the cat will be altered by 9 months of age, and registration papers will be held by seller until proof of altering has been supplied.

If this cat or kitten is sold with breeding rights, Seller guarantees that said animal is fertile and will produce at least 2 viable kittens before the age of two years. If after 3 breeding attempts with at least two different cats, no pregnancy occurs, then said animal will be replaced by the seller after proof of spay/neuter is given, as well as verification from the organizations that the cat is registered in, that no offspring were registered. At Seller’s option, a refund may be given that would be equal to the original purchase price, less pet price if the cat is to be kept by buyer, or is sold as a pet by buyer.

Buyer agrees that said animal will not be sold, traded, given, leased or released to any other breeder without the written permission of Seller. If Buyer decides to alter said cat she may place him/her in a pet home, or keep in their own home as an altered pet.

If the kitten/cat dies within the first year of life due to an inherited genetic disease, buyer must inform seller and provide a necropsy from a certified veterinarian. Seller will then replace said kitten with one of equal quality when one becomes available.
This kitten/cat will not be declawed.

This sale is in the State of Texas, all legal issues, if any, will be as per Texas State Law.   Any court proceedings will be brought in the County of Denton, State of Texas.  All legal fees and court costs used to enforce this contract will be paid by buyer, including the seller fees and or costs.

Seller and buyer agree this is the whole agreement between Buyer and Seller.

X____________________________ Date_______
Signature of Buyer

Signature of Seller