Willowtreerags Ms Faline of Badger Rags

Ms Faline

Seal/Tortie Point

TICA and CFA Registered

Test Results:  Leuk/FIV   Negative/Negative
Test Results for both HCM  DNA Mutations and PKD : Negative

Sire:  RW OS SGC Willowtreerags Apollo Amadeo
Dam: Einstein Alberta     Polish Import

Ms Faline's Pedigree

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Ms Faline has great size, a lovely girl with the most luxurious hair coat, her fluffy hair makes her look like she has pantaloons on when she walks.  She has deep blue eyes, with such a unique expression, a fabulous Ragdoll head and profile.  Being that she is a Seal Tortie Point, she will only produce Cream Point/Mitted or not, Flame Point/Mitted or not and Tortie Point babies.  Her babies are so big and healthy at weaning time, they are so cute.  These are the babies that purr so early I am amazed.  The last ones were almost 5 lbs at 12 to 13 weeks.  Her dam is from Poland, Einstein Alberta from Supurrsonic Cattery.  She is a Red Lynx/Mitted.  This is why Ms Faline has the ability to produce these fabulous Cream/Point, Flame/Point babies and Tortie/Point babies that are so in demand.

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Her Sire;  RW OS SGC Willowtreerags Apollo Amadeo is a TICA Outstanding Sire, TICA Supreme Grand champion, 2X TICA Regional Winner, CFA Grand Champion.
CFA’s First Seal Point Mitted Grand Champion in CFA History.   TICA International Awards 2007 – 2008
13th Best Ragdoll Cat INTERNATIONALLY
3rd Best Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll INTERNATIONALLY
TICA NE Region Awards  2007 – 2008 and many, many other awards

Sire & Dam of MS Faline

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