Kitten Questionnaire

Please call around and line up a veterinarian who treats cats, FOR  YOUR NEW KITTEN.    Look at the reviews, get a good vet close to your home. You will be taking the kitten in after the purchase and you will need future yearly vaccines and wormings…Get a big carrier for approximately 15 pounds of cat since the kitten will grow.  You will need this to transport back and forth to the  veterinarian also.  No cat leaves this place without being in a carrier to go home.

When I bought my kitties and when I bought the new ones, I was interrogated, so don’t feel that I am being too nosy…Due to a high volume of inquiries it would be great if you could answer these questions just for the sake of the kitten, not meant to pry in any way.

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    The holding fee will be cashed when you choose a kitten and have answered the questionnaire and signed my contract. The kitten must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to going home with you and after being neutered or spayed. When you are ready to place a deposit on a kitten, it will be deducted from the final price.

    The kitten will have all of it shots available for that age, will be litter trained and have a sample of the food for it to go home. I will do everything possible for the kitten to go to your home with little or no fuss. I want you to be happy and have a lifelong wonderful companion. I love my girls wouldn’t part with them for anything. The male I could wear drooped around my neck he is so friendly and sweet, HEZA PRINCE OF BADGERRAGS. I just love him. I hope you want to continue and get a kitten and you will stay in touch with many photos for me in the future, if you do buy one.