My kittens are $1850. 

The deposit is $400, a check is best, I send out a receipt to you at that time.  I hold that check uncashed, in the event you find another kitten or something unusual happens, then I could mail your check back to you!   If you want to use a check rather than Pay Pal.

When you come here and pick out your kitten, usually at 4 to 5 weeks old, I cash that $400 check after we note your choice of your kitten.  The balance of $1450 is due when you take your kitten home, preferably before you pick it up.

The earliest date on the check for the forthcoming litter gets ‘first choice” of the litter and so on through the dated checks for those litters.   If you cannot make your choice by 5 weeks you will choose by video.

Kitten will be microchipped, all age appropriate vaccinations, litter trained, on good food and be neutered or spayed depending on the gender.  We encourage people to come here and visit your babies after you choose while we all wait for 12 to 13 weeks for the kitten to be old enough to safely go to your home.

PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the option to refuse the sale of one of my Badgerrags Kittens …..during the waiting process or after we all talk.

We also accept payments & deposits by Paypal.

To pay with Paypal please click the Paypal button below, and at Paypal please add whether you are making a deposit or payment if a specific kitten ie; male, female, blue pointed, seal pointed, tortie or cream and the amount, thank you!

Please add 4% if using Pay Pal to cover their fees.