Price is $2000 as of March 7, 2022

The holding fee is $400, a check is best, I send out a receipt to you at that time.  I hold that check uncashed, in the event you find another kitten or if something unexpected happens ie;  reaction or death due to vaccination, or reaction or death due to spaying or neutering procedures I will mail your check back to you or you will wait for another litter to choose another kitten.

After choosing your kitten either here or by Facetime, I will cash the holding fee.  The holding fee is nonrefundable after you choose your kitten.   The remaining balance of $1600 will be paid on or before the pickup date.  The cattery reserves the right to cancel any transaction prior to pick up for any reason (the holding fee in this instance will be refunded).  The cattery reserves the right for the first pick of any litter.  Remember we accept Pay Pal, you must include the fees, 5% incurred. ZELLE or CASH for the final payment at time of pickup. Kitten paid in cash at pickup or if paying by check, pay in full 10 days prior to kitten going home.

Choosing your kitten is based on the date of the holding fee you make.  If you choose to pass due to lack of gender or color of your choice you will be moved to the next available litter,  When I call or text you to make your choice of one of the available kittens, you have 12 hours to acknowledge my contact and another 12 hours to make your choice.  If you do not make your choice in this 24 hour window I will move to the next person on the waiting list.  I will reach out again to you next available litter when it is time to choose. You will choose your kitten by FACETIME OR PHOTOS SINCE THE KITTENS HAVE NOT YET HAD THEIR 1ST VACCINATIONS.  If, I ALLOW VISITATION… IT WILL BE AFTER THE KITTENS FIRST VACCINATIONS. 

Since Covid we have become a closed cattery to the general public, to protect us and the kittens.  People that have a deposit on a kitten are welcome with the ‘in person’ visits.  The ‘in person’ visit require shoe covers, which I furnish and masks.

Each day a kitten is left in my charge after the available pickup date, there will be a $15 per day charge or $100 per week.  I will drive up to one hour to meet you with no additional cost to you at the time of the pickup (at my convenience) to help you time wise with the drive here to get your kitten….

As a proud member of TICA’S responsible breeder program, I stand by TICA’S code of ethics and take the placement of my kittens very seriously.  All kittens go home with or will have the TICA litter registration forms mailed within 60 days to you, in order for you to register your kitten with TICA.

Kitten will be wormed several times, microchipped, all age appropriate vaccinations, litter trained, on good food and be neutered or spayed depending on the gender.  We encourage people to come here and visit your babies after you choose while we all wait for 13 to 14 weeks for the kitten to be old enough to safely go to your home.

PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the option to refuse the sale of one of my Badgerrags Kittens …..during the waiting process or after we all talk.

Pay Pal add 5% for their fees.  Zelle is accepted.  Put on your holding fee that you would prefer a Seal, Blue, Cream or Tortie color and the preferred gender. 

Please add 5% if using Pay Pal to cover their fees.