RTT Heza Prince of BadgerRags

RTT Heza Prince

Registered with TICA and registered with CFA

Test Results for both HCM DNA Mutations (RD & MC), PKD and all known health mutations : Negative

Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point Bicolor

Sire:  QGC Dsjewls Red Hot Iron Man RD/Red Lynx (Tabby) Point/Bicolor
Dam: Peaceful Meadow RD/Seal Point/Bicolor

Hezza Pedigree

Heza's 5 Generation Pedigree

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I love the modern pedigree of great known lines and especially all the Bicolor breeding.   He is a great match for all of our girls.  He has such a strong chin, full cheeks and a fabulous ear set with little bitty ears.  He is a big boy weighing 11 pounds at 10 months.  Great structure, good bones. Such a perfect “V” with the Lynx markings.  His hair coat is to die for… fluffy and so soft.  Can’t wait for his babies.

Prince personifies the “ragdoll”, he goes limp in our arms, he is a purring machine when you walk into the room he starts purring….. He is a great example of the fabulous ragdoll personality. His babies will be perfect!