Badgerrags Ms Nala

MS Nala

Seal Bicolor, High Mitted

TICA Registered

Test Results For both HCM DNA Mutations and PKD : Negative
Test Results :   Leuk/Fiv Negative/Negative

Nala's Pedigree

Nala's 5 Generation Pedigree

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Ms Nala is from the fabulous Willowtreerags Ms Bella.  She is a big girl and a Seal Bicolor with a huge fluffy coat.  She is my first girl from Bella that is a Bicolor.  Abovealldolls Justice is her Dad.  She is like a puppy dog, every where I go she is right there.  Such a good disposition and so loving with the babies in other litters.  Looking forward to her kittens with our new boy Heza Prince.