Rags2dazzle Ms Lily

Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point/Mitted

TICA & CFA Registered

Test Results for both HCM DNA Mutations and PKD : Negative
Test Results:  Leuk/FIV  Negative/Negative

Sire:    Ch Marlcreek My Revenge of Rags2dazzle
Dam:   Rags2dazzle Iris

Ms Lily's 5 Generation Pedigree

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Oh I love Ms Lily, she is under my feet everywhere I go.  Her coat is fabulous, her tail is huge and fluffy.  She is the ‘talker’.  If I don’t pay attention to her she tells me about it.  So cute.  The top side of her pedigree is all champions.  She has white whiskers and such a darling expression and the most beautiful blue eyes, I can’t wait for her babies. Ms Lily is also from Addie Griffin in Tennessee.